设计师基思•拉森(Keith Larse)有个毛病,看啥东西都像长了张脸。为了和所有人分享自己有趣的发现,他将自己的想象画了出来。于是,洗衣机门变成了一只鸭子,消防栓成了戴眼镜的独眼人,双肩包变成了叼着烟的小混混……

Some people see faces wherever they go. Whether it's a backpack or a brick wall, inanimate objects suddenly come alive with googly eyes and goofy smiles. In fact, there's a whole Twitter account dedicated to sharing faces in places. Keith Larsen regularly spots these types of expressions in ordinary things—often, that others don't see. To illuminate his creative visions, he illustrates these characters and brings them to life with silly stories.

Larsen's ability to find inanimate objects with faces is the result of pareidolia. It's a psychological phenomenon in which our minds create a "familiar pattern" where none exists. This is commonly rooted in seeing phantom people or animals, but it can be audible, too. If you've ever heard someone claiming they hear a "hidden message" when they play back a song, they're describing pareidolia.

For Larsen, this phenomenon is the inspiration for his art, and it provides ample fodder to come up with some amusing and fantastical cartoon-style creations. The door of a washing machine, for example, becomes a duck, while a fire hydrant becomes a bespectacled cyclops. Whatever the object, each character has a unique personality that's sure to make you smile. And this is just the beginning for Larsen. He's created an Instagram account to chronicle faces in places. Follow along to see what he comes up with next.

Grab my beak if it’s laundry you seek. You barely see me, maybe once a week. How can I not have this disappointed look? I dry your clothes as you read a book. I’m dryer duck, and for a buck, I dry the shirts you tuck. I’ll see you next week, but please, no more vomit.

Not everyone knows what my nose holds. My eyes stay forward minding my own business as you conduct yours. I am a conductor myself being metal and all, you lock the door as your pants fall. I hold your jacket, or whatever you pack, yet I get no recognition as you carry out your mission. You flush and rush as if you have somewhere to be. Next time we meet, please stare back at me.

Yeah, I'm Frankie the furnace, who's askin'? Short arms with anger fueled by fire, a bowler hat is my only attire. Burning wood is what I do. For cookin' stew or warming you. But don't feed me too much I'm warning you. I'm an earnest furnce, and frankly, I couldn't care less about burning you.

Hi there! I'm Sharron, the stall wall door. I hope the soap on my face stalls you from leaving this place. My look of surprise caused by the amount of hands not using my cleaning supplies. So, come hither and let me sanitize your mitts, then dry your hands after you rinse.

I'm ripe. Teeth rotten. My other half, forgotten. This crescent face is only recent. But not to panic, by botanic rules my seeds will sprout. More tomatoes to creep you out. Though there will be none like me, I'm one of a kind, you won't find me in a bottle of Heinz.

I'm just a bag takin' a drag. I'm not full of myself as I may look, I'm filled with your belongings, like pencils and books.

I'm a dandy dapper dampener. Fires tickle my fancy, those are no match for me. Remove my monocle you must, for the water to flee. When it comes to parking, I know I'm a nuisance. But when your dog pees, I'm somehow translucent. I'm a damn dampened hydrant.

Hi there! I have some stuff to share! It's ice and water, and I suggest in that order. If it's the latter first, by all means quench your thirst! But let it be known, YAHUH! You're in the splash zone. My uneven teeth dispense your desires, push my eyes is what I require!